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Once upon a time, the Tower of London must have been an imposing sight on its strategic position on the banks of the River Thames. Built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century to protect the capital and his Norman kingdom, the Tower of London has during the course of time become synonymous with one of the most powerful monarchies in Europe, symbolized by the presence of the Crown Jewels since the 17th century.

Today, with the high-rise buildings in the City of London in the background, the Tower of London looks a lot less intimidating. Seen from across the Thames you could be in fact be led to believe that you were looking at a medieval fortress replica in some amusement park, but the Tower of London is as authentic as a medieval fortress can be, the most intimidating part being the scores of fellow tourists…

Header photo: The City of London skyline. On the left side, the infamous “Walkie Talkie” building (20 Fenchurch Street), the cylinder-shaped tower; the Gherkin Building (30 St Mary Axe) in the middle, and the Tower of London to the right.

The Thames the Shard, London
The Thames and the Shard
British Museum
British Museum

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